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Companies can have cost effective selection process saving time and effort

  We at Referenceglobe understand time is money. We recognize the efforts that go into the hiring process. It is not only tedious and time consuming, but also an integral part of any company‚Äôs growth.

Benefits of using connect-campus

 One of the most important functions of an HR is to identify suitable candidates to fill the vacant positions in their companies. To ease the process ReferenceGlobe came up with an integrated platform where companies can directly access numerous profiles of students spanning across India.

  • The platform is very flexible, easy to maneuver and use, while providing end-to-end recruitment solutions.
  • Companies can create customized pre-assessments from the pool of colleges and students listed with mere click rather than physically present on the college campus.

Why use ReferenceGlobe ?

  • ReferenceGlobe is a single platform that provides access to students from over 3500+ colleges along with their online CVs and video resumes.
  • Hiring process becomes simple as the assessment platform can be used pan India.
  • The companies can conduct any number of pre-assessments using scientific methodology and rigor. The platform also provides psychometric assessment.
  • Costs incurred through hiring process are drastically reduced.
  • Online test can be customized to suit the needs of the company and can be ready much before the actual hire.
  • The whole selection process is accelerated through this platform.

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