All in one solution for learning institutes

Learning experiences derive great joy when they’re made enjoyable, are catered to the needs of the market, and match the needs of the learning institutes as much as the trainers. Reference Globe provides an integrated platform where the institutes could go onto offer certificate courses, study modules, course calendars, video courses, training modules, and several e-learning materials in a secure interface.

The several features in the platform help students, trainers engage in productive learning, followed by timely assessments to check the academic progress that has been made. The learning solution is flexible to match the needs of the trainers. It’s a platform that’s greatly scalable and helps one to analysis a student’s performance efficiently.

Learning couldn’t have gotten any simpler!

Regardless of which part of the globe you reside in, Reference Globe helps commence training to users in a matter of few days. The added advantage of the platform being, it is a cloud-based SaaS model that doesn’t require any installation, maintenance or upgradation at any point of time.

Why Reference Globe?

  • The login facility is enabled for different set of users including trainers, students and other staff, whose access to the content varies from one category to the other
  • The management of classes is enabled in a hassle-free manner through a single window, easing all issues of regulating attendance
  • Regular analytics and reports ensure timely monitoring of the learning progress
  • Study material, assignments, recorded videos can be provided to the students for the learning to remain interactive
  • A designated team is at work to aid the learning institute at every step for the platform to become operational in quick time and build presence through marketing, promotions, campaigns
  • Mailing facility and SMS platform is available under the same roof
  • The interface can be adapted according to needs of the learning institute
  • Web conferencing facility to enable virtual classrooms, voice based communication system for enriched user experience

Let your course be accessible on other portals too!

One needn’t always limit the scope of a course in a learning institute to a single platform alone. A collaboration with another portal can go a long way in help many students reap rich dividends out of the online learning. Reference Globe, in this context, would help the learning institute tailor the course in accordance with the portal where it is expected to land. While the third-party portal would look after a select set of features that a platform may boast of, Reference Globe would go onto assist the institute in terms of the course structuring digitally.

What do you get out of it?

  • Host certificate courses, study modules, course calendars, video courses, training modules, and several e-learning materials in a secure interface
  • Help students, trainers engage in productive learning
  • Specific login facility on a learning platform enabled for trainers, students and staff with various features
  • Easy regulation of attendance, academic progress through timely analytics, reports on the platform in addition to SMS and mailing facility
  • Interactive study material, assignments, recorded videos for the students
  • Virtual classrooms enabled through web conferencing facility backed by voice based communication system
  • Widen the reach of your course among students through targeted campaigns, promotions across multiple media