Time for a change in outlook

The time has set in where the role of online education in schools isn’t only about complementing regular classroom learning but also sufficing as a substitute for the latter in the need of hour. However, this needs to be done with great diligence, sufficient planning, reviewing priorities with sufficient guidance from a trusted resource.

Reference Globe, we believe, is worthy of your trust in spearheading you towards a future of exciting possibilities where online education turns out to be productive and rewarding at the same time.

The current situation has made schools realise the importance of turning the tide in their favour with the help of technology and Reference Globe would only be more than happy to assist you on that front. Virtual learning can provide a much-needed innovative dimension and fillip to traditional learning methodologies and pedagogies. They come with a handful of challenges, say absenteeism by students, network issues, security and it is important that a platform encompasses all the academic needs of the schools and handle the issues with tactfulness.

Kickstart your academic schedule right away

For schools to transform their vision to provide quality education into a reality, the management needs a virtual forum that ensures seamless teaching experience for the educators, besides an avenue that channelises a student’s attention in the most effective way possible. Reference Globe takes barely a few days to setup an integrated platform that helps the schools on both fronts. In addition to providing a pre-planned academic schedule in the system, the administrative efforts are totally minimised with the technology tool.

The platform

  • Avoids any scope for last-minute confusion with the organising of the classes
  • Provides a clear lesson plan and schedule of live classes against every topic in a subject
  • Facilitate online classes through a web-conferencing facility
  • Enhance faculty efficiency and their well-being
  • Enable better learning outcomes
  • Integrates content and all information relevant to a subject under one roof

Why consider Reference Globe?

  • Help your school adopt virtual learning seamlessly in quick time
  • Find innovative ways to structure and tweak traditional learning methodologies
  • Focus on the learning and trust the technology with the administrative work
  • Ensure focused, disciplined learning with the pre-planned academic schedule
  • Caters to the needs of student and the teacher alike
  • Organise continuous assessments to keep students engaged and monitor their progress