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Reference Globe provides an advanced Learning platform for Learning Institutes and Training Organizations to connect with Educational Organizations and corporates Online using an advanced collaborative and social networking integrated platform.

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Share Training Updates To Thousands of Trainees:
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Reference Globe provides Training Institutes and Organizations a completely advanced automated Training Management System which enables Training institues to share their current Training schedules and track the Registered Trainees online .

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Reference Globe enables Training Organizations partnering with Educational organizations to leverage their professional training and learning programs.

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  • Share Training Updates To Thousands of Trainees.
  • Become Partner Trainer with Educational Organizations.
  • Find the best Trainers.
  • Become Partner Trainer with Corporations.
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    Find the best Trainers.

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    Reference Globe allows you to search for the best professional Trainers, by selecting the Area of Expertise or Domain.

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    Become Partner Trainer with Corporations.

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    Reference Globe Provides an advanced platform for training institutions to make request to the companies and colleges to give training to their people.

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