Refined Pool

- Digital Student Transformation -

How many times have you hired new talent to your team only to find that you need to put a good amount of time and resources to train them on skill sets to attain your level of excellence? Or are you concerned that the limited availability of skills in the talent you hire is a threat to your company's growth, especially, if you are a part of the fast-changing marketplace?

Digitally-savvy talent is the need of every workforce, but they are increasingly difficult to come by when we talk about new talent. Does the scenario seem familiar to you? Even as companies understand the need to have skilled new talent, not much is done to achieve the goal apart from training them.

At ReferenceGlobe, we understood the gravity of the situation. With not many solutions out there, we wanted to be the change that we wanted to see. That is why we have brought forth Refined Pool to you. Why start with unskilled talent when you can have refined, skilled talent at your disposal? At Refined Pool, you get to choose talent that is tech-savvy right from the word go.

To put a long story short, Refined Pool is exactly what the name suggest. We provide companies such as yours with a talent pool that is refined to your skill-set requirements. All you need to do choose the talent that suits you best.

To start with we have a huge pool of students of various universities who subscribe to our tech courses as a stepping stone towards becoming career-ready. No, we are not a training center, but we are in touch with universities across the country and help them make their students career-ready via our end-to-end integrated digital solutions. From this huge pools, we have a smaller but efficient pool of students who have surpassed our assessments with flying colours. This refined pool is what we are bringing forth to you – students who are not only tech savvy, but also go-getters – something that each company looks forward to hiring to their team.

Why Refined Pool for Companies?

When you think about growth for your company, you need to have your hires hit the ground running. That means that the talent you hire should be able to contribute to your business right when they start, unless the hindrance in understanding the fine nuances of your product or business, which can comes with internal training. Wondering how Refined Pool works for companies?

Actually, it does that in 3 ways:

1. Hire from our refined pool talent – we already have a highly efficient talent pool trained on skills sets that you could use right from day one of hiring. It is the easiest way that you can use Refined Pool. It helps you save costs, resources and most importantly time.

2. We understand that most companies have a hiring, and training and development process. We could work with on that with the students in our Refined Pool. To put it simply, we will train our Refined Pool talent to your requirements, and you can hire them based on how the training and development is imbibed by the pool via the elimination method (this means you the best talent out there – post training).

3. Last but not the least, you can simply train talent from our Refined Pool and then hire them – something similar to a campus recruited but with specific training. This actually works in your benefit – you get to work with talent who would be looking forward to working with your company as a part of their career goal.

Interested in accessing our highly talented Refined Pool for your potential employees? Just fill in the below form and we will take it up from there.