College users and Admissions

 ReferenceGlobe provides a user friendly feature called Colleges users, where the training and placement officer can reduce his work burden and create an individual user for respective departments.

   How College Users feature helps the Training and placement officer?

 The most important tasks for a training and placement officer is to train, assess and promote large number of students. So to make work done easy, training and placement officer can create logins for individual department coordinators.

 Here Training and placement officer acts as a super admin and department wise users acts as a admin. ReferenceGlobe provides an interface for users, where they can access the below functionalities.

 Manage all the students database from their respective department.

 Conduct assessments and manage individual test report of students.

 Post new concepts and technologies which comes into the market through ReferenceGlobe provided feature called knowledge center.

 ReferenceGlobe also helps the colleges in increasing their college admissions through a feature called Admissions, where the colleges can post number of seats available in their college and can track the applied candidate details. As ReferenceGlobe working with 1000+ colleges, it helps the college to find prospects students for admissions from different areas.