Online profile and placement branding

Referenceglobe creates a brand for your college through online placements

  Placement branding and online college profile has become an important tool for all educational institutions to stay ahead and carve a niche for placements and future admissions. According to a Global Report, 67 per cent of employers and prospective students believe, placement-brand reputation and the profile of an educational institution plays a significant role in job acquisition and in fostering new admissions.

  ReferenceGlobe’s placement-branding platform enables colleges to have their students ready for placements. It helps understand the history of placement success, alumni references and strategies used by training & placement departments.

  ReferenceGlobe’s placement-branding enhances the image of the college, resulting in phenomenal increase in number of placements. Also, in terms of remuneration, students could be offered competitive pay packages. Companies of repute shall be attracted to hire students due to RefrenceGlobe’s online branding.

Branding Features

Profile Visibility

Your college profile gains increased visibility


Profiles of your students could be shared easily


College information is shared with companies effectively