Student career services

We walk you through the process of finding a job: easy, transparent and friendly

Reference Globe provides a comprehensive platform for students to build their careers. You can sieve through all the jobs posted. 3500+ companies are listed on the platform for you to choose from.

Unlike other platforms, this is unique in many ways that it caters to student's needs if used wisely and regularly.
Some of the many services offered by ReferenceGlobe are as follows:

  • Job search
  • Referral jobs
  • Employee reference
  • Walk-in jobs
  • Campus pools
  • Company directory – with branch specific requirements
  • Internship
  • Resume building – Sample resumes
  • Online CV
  • Video resume

 Unlike other patforms, ReferenceGlobe is comprehensively innovative and is based on the student needs of higher education and career, from a single window.

Student Career services

  • Search job
  • Referral jobs
  • Walk–In Jobs
  • Internship
  • Educational jobs
  • Campus pool

Online CV

Video Resume

Share your CV online with companies to avoid the cumbersome conventional document sharing process
You can upload an audio or a video resume through the platform

Companies in the network

It is easy to use the company directory to find companies of your choice.