What is LSRW?

 L-S-R-W is the four skills of language learning, a set of four capabilities that allow an individual to comprehend and produce spoken language for proper and effective interpersonal communication. These skills are Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. In the context of first-language acquisition, the four skills are most often acquired in the order of listening first, then speaking, then possibly reading and writing.

Why LSRW is necessary for students?

 English is the dominant business language and it has become almost a necessity for people to speak English if they are to enter a global workforce or Higher education.

  Mainly, in present market placement patterns are changed with the latest trends by including writing assessments like Image skill and Email writing. To crack the latest placement students must be perfect in reading and writing assessments.

  Currently, Students who are very good in technical are lagging in communication. As communication plays very important role in workforce and higher education, students must be perfect in communication.

  This LSRW skills platform provides a complete assistance for the students to get perfect in four skills of Language learning.

How ReferenceGlobe helps to crack latest placement trends through LSRW skills platform?

Latest placement trends include writing assessments like image skill writing and Email writing and companies are also concentrating on presentation round.

 Students can improve their writing skills by practicing PPD (picture perception descriptive) assessment and Email writing tests provided by ReferenceGlobe.

 Student can improve their presentation by listening to perfect language and speaking the words in microphone through Listening and speaking option in LSRW platform.

How ReferenceGlobe helps in improving Communication?

ReferenceGlobe provides a feature where students can practice and get perfect in communication.

 Students can practice 200+ Listening test by listening an audio or video any number of times.

  Students can practice 200+ speaking test by speaking the moving paragraph in microphone which helps the students to pronounce a word well.

  ReferenceGlobe provides 250+ reading assessment to improve the reading skills of the students.

  ReferenceGlobe provides 250+ writing assessment in the form of Email writing and Image skill writing assessments which helps in improving communication and cracking the latest trends of placement papers.