CRT Concepts

 ReferenceGlobe Campus Recruitment Training (CRT) platform is exclusively designed for the students preparing for recruitment and is geared towards ensuring that the students are well equipped to get through the recruitment process of various IT and CORE companies by gathering the inputs from the top MNC Placement paper and competitive exams of last 5 years.

 By practicing the CRT Concepts provided by ReferenceGlobe students can handle the recruitment process with irrespective of the company that comes onto the campus or out of it.

  Even college are providing the required training, students are unable to get perfect during the time of placements. It is because of having no continuous evaluation for the students..

ReferenceGlobe CRT Platform -

What Exactly ReferenceGlobe provides?

 ReferenceGlobe provides category and sub-category wise question for the students to practice and get perfect in all the areas of Aptitude, Reasoning, English and even core concepts.

 For each sub category ReferenceGlobe helps the students with 90- 120 pattern of questions which covers the entire gamut of top MNC placement papers and competitive assessments.

  For every assessment in sub category wise ReferenceGlobe provides must watch videos and contents to more about the particular topic..