Programming Content

 Programming is part of the basic curriculum for computer science and information technology students. But, in current generation companies are expecting the candidate should have basic programming skills. Even top MNCs like Capgemini and Tech Mahindra are including Pseudo coding assessments in their latest placement trends.

 Programming is a process, with 3 very important phases: Problem Identification and Solving Phase, Implementation Phase and Maintenance Phase. All three of them are important for computer programmers/software developers to be able to solve problems.

  But students not in a position to identify the problem due to lack of in detail awareness about the particular concept in C or C++ or HTML or Java. So, to overcome that particular problem ReferenceGlobe introduced a best feature called Programming Content.

  ReferenceGlobe‚Äôs Programming Content feature provides detail explanation about all the concepts in different programming languages like C, C++, HTML, Java and Python. This detailed explanation covers about the concepts, loops involved in the concepts, advantages, example programs, practice programs with solution and Multiple choice question..

Programming languages covered by ReferenceGlobe


In current market, all the companies are expecting basic programming skills from the candidate. ReferenceGlobe is already in first step to make students ready in all the basic programs. Additionally, ReferenceGlobe is coming with many advanced programming languages to make students perfect in coding part.