Course Hosting and Learning Management System

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Create, host and deliver your courses, regardless of time or geographical terrain. Monitor the performance of the learners with an LMS that’s affordable and easy to maintain.

Integrated LCMS

Smartness lies in how you structure content to suit your needs. The platform not only organises your content better, but also focuses on its presentation in advanced formats and personalises it for learners. From using a social network to enabling learning to fastening content sharing and tracking the progress of the learners, we do it all.

Custom Assessments

Timely assessments give direction to learning, we help you customise it. An expansive question bank will help you choose the right questions in different formats (MCQ’s, Descriptive, programming, picture perceptive, comprehension, LSRW) for various periodic assessments.

Personalized Assignments

A personal touch to education can go a long way in impacting a learner’s outlook of a particular course. We empower the institutions on that front by providing assignments that would improve their research skills and prod them to think on their own. Practical application of the subject is what we suggest and our platform has optimised flexibility to create, share, manage assignments. Our platform also simplifies the grading procedure and ensures personalised feedback.

Comprehensive Reports

In a data driven world, effective reports and analytics are extremely critical for progress regardless of the sector. More so with education, Reference Globe understands the significance of the aspect, providing reports of all kinds to the educators – be it live class attendance reports or automated students learning reports or assessments reports, feedback reports or individual grade reports for every student.

Digital Certifications

We ease your certificate generation process, helping you design and deliver your brand-customised certificates. Management of institution-specific certifications from a central place only gets simpler in your association with Reference Globe.

Brand Labeling

We give an edge to your brand and take it forward by promoting your institution rampantly and using your logo and theme for customised communications.

Make your own course Live in 10 Simple steps

ReferenceGlobe platform provides its Digital Integrated Learning Collaboration platform in three modes – Online, LAN and Mobile application to make use the platform from Anywhere, Any Device and Any Time.

Create course

Create Courses with complete schedule

Plan Schedule

Add Course Trainers / Co-ordinators



Assign Faculty

Upload Course Content ( Support of Audio/ Video , PDF, PPT all multimedia format support)

Preload course content

Conduct LIVE Classes & Video conferencing support. LIVE classes Recording to enable offline learning


Give Tasks

Create Practise Tests ( MCQ, Descriptive , Video Based , Comprehension , Picture Perception , programming)

Schedule Assessments

Assess the students with Assessments Tests ( MCQ, Descriptive , Video Based , Comprehension , Picture Perception , programming)


Provide Mentoring

Mentoring ( Students can interact with faculty members with specific questions)

Timely Announcements

Course Announcements – SMS, E-mail, Mobile Notifications



Review Reports

Review Reports Review ReportsReview ReportsReview ReportsReview ReportsReview Reports

Issue Digital Cerificates

Issue Digital Cerificates